Norma Meacham Reading Award Honorees


"Opened Young Minds to Reading"

The Norma Meacham Reading Award is a tradition at Union Chapel.  Norma Meacham was a first grade teacher at Union Chapel from 1977-1993.  She loved reading and she loved teaching children how to read.  At the time of her death, her estate gifted many books to the Union Chapel library so that kids would always keep reading.  You will notice the Norma Meacham label in the front of many of our books in the library.  It says, “Norma Meacham Opened Young Minds to Reading at Union Chapel from 1977-1993.”  This award was created to honor her memory in 1998.  It has been presented to one student from each classroom each year since that time.  It can be given to the most distinguished reader, the most enthusiastic reader, a reader who helps others to read or the most improved reader.  Click on each year to see the names of the honorees.