Virtual Tours


Go Around the World with a Virtual Tour!

Louvre Museum - Head to Paris, France

The Smithsonian - Museum of Natural History

Royal Botanical Garden - in London, England (click on 360 on top left)

San Diego Zoo - Check out the Wild Life

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Relax with the Moon Jellies

Kansas City Zoo - Scroll down and click on Animal Cameras


St. Louis Zoo- Live webcams

Seattle Aquarium - Otter Cam

Exploring By the Seat - Virtual speakers and field trips across North America

Kindergarten field trips- visit a dairy farm, a TV station, a major league baseball stadium, the rainforest and so many more place

We Are Teachers - 25+ Amazing Educational Virtual Field Trips

Road Trip from Home-Virtual Fieldtrips - Researched and recommended by 2 awesome online gators

Explore Dubai's Culture-Food, language, music and more