Kindergarten Communication Arts Websites

North Pole  North Pole
 ABCYa  ABCYA - Alphabetical Order, Upper-Case and Lower-Case Letters, Counting Numbers, Connect the Dots, Numerical Order, Shapes, Addition, E-Storybooks and Holiday Games for Kindergarteners.
Alphabet Antics  Alphabet Antics - Upper and Lower Case Letters
 Alphabet Train - ABC Order
Cookie Website  Cookie Website - Language Arts and Math Games for Kindergarteners
Crawford the Cat  Crawford the Cat - Word Search with Sight Words
Garfield's Island  Garfield's Island - Fishing with Phonics, Match of Mystery, Story Book Reader, and Toon Book Reader
Melvin's Marvelous Words  Melvin's Marvellous Words - Sight Word Match
 Mouse House Game - Upper and Lower Case Letters
Orson's Farm  Orson's Farm - Beginning Sounds, Blending, Phoneme Blending, Phoneme Manipulation, and Rhyming Words
 PBS Kids

 Picture Match - Beginning Sound/Vowels
Puzzle Me Words  Puzzle Me Words - Reinforcing Letter Sounds
Raz Kids  Raz Kids

 Starfall - ABC and Learning to Read
Turtle DiaryTrutle Diary  Turtle Diary - Language Arts and Math Games for Kindergarteners
What's in the Bag?  What's in the Bag? - Inferring Game

  Kindergarten Math Websites

Animal Find and Count

 Animal Find and Count
 Animal Farm Game
Greg Tang Math  Greg Tang Math
 Math Tens Frames  Math Learning Center Tens Frames
 Bugabaloo  Bugabaloo Shoe Addition

Building Expressions  Building Expression - Addition and Subtraction. Student can be challenged by changing format styles
Catch the Falling Star  Catch the Falling Star - Basic Addition
Caterpillar Count  Caterpillar Count - Number Order

 Count Your Chickens
Five Frame  Five Frames - Addition with Manipulatives

 Fun 4 the Brain - Addition and Subtraction
How Many Under the Shell  How Many Under the Shell - Add and Subtract with Manipulatives

 Marble Math - Addition with Manipulatives

 Moon Rock Patterns - Working with Patterns

 Number Train

 Pattern Matcher - Working with Patterns
Pearl Search  Pearl Search - Subtraction Game
Penguin Party  Penguin Party - Addition Game
Subtraction Harvest  Subtraction Harvest - Subtraction with Manipulatives
Ten Frames  Ten Frames - Addition with Manipulatives